As You Like It (Oxford)

A promenade, site-specific production of As You Like It for Creation Theatre in Oxford. Among the gardens and woodland of Lady Margaret Hall, and the River Cherwell, As You Like It was given a French Resistance setting in which the Court becomes occupied Paris, and the Forest of Arden was home to isolated groups of Resistance fighters.

“An altogether magical setting for Creation’s superb production … A promenade production, which here lends a valuable extra dimension to the show … The French wartime theme that director Tom Littler has given the production works splendidly.” Chris Gray, Oxford Times

“A setting to match the Bard’s imagination … Magical and unrepeatable … an imaginative production.” Jon Lewis, Newbury Weekly News

“An enthralling evening of Shakespeare with an unusually Gallic flavour… Director Tom Littler, inspired by the play’s numerous French references and the idea of an oppressive court ruled by a despot, has set his As You Like It in Nazi-occupied Paris. Guests are met at the door by sentries and those escaping Duke Frederic run away to the Arden Forest, where their Deux Chevaux breaks down and they play boules and brandish baguettes… wonderfully atmospheric …” Victoria Bentata, Daily Info, Oxford

“Tom Littler’s finely cast production uses the topographical variety as we promenade during the first half, ending full-circle at our seats for the rest of the show. The play has a progressive sense of migration and audience movement reinforces the idea of banishment to Forest of Arden, with the sense of dislocation apt for the World War II setting… Littler’s adoption of Vichy France and its constricted appearance of democracy within the hefty clutch of dictatorship fits the play’s mood perfectly, unlocking a political perspective.” Timothy Ramsden, Reviewsgate

★★★★★ “This clever interpretation gives an interesting, modern dimension to the play, and of course, the costumes are fabulous… Along with a marvellous use of space, Littler gets a lot of work out of a small number of actors! … All in all, this was a wonderful romp in the woods; just as Shakespeare himself would have liked it.” StageTalk Magazine

★★★★★ “Brilliantly done … an amazing night … Creation at the top of its game … stunningly good … this is really special … We just didn’t want it to end.” Tripadvisor (public reviews)

★★★★ “Rhiannon Sommers is a tremendous Rosalind, hugely watchable with a confident ease to deal with one of the richest female roles in the canon …”
Ian Foster, The Public Reviews / Ought to be Clowns (2013)

★★★★ Guildford magazine (2013)

“Genuine rapport … a fun production” Farnham Herald (2013)


Timothy Allsop, Julia Goulding, Clare Humphrey, Jonathan Oliver, Morgan Philpott, Rhiannon Sommers, Nick Trumble

Creative Team

Designer – Ryan Laight

Lighting Designer – Ashley Bale

Sound Designer – Matt Eaton

Music – Tom Attwood

Fight Direction – Philip d’Orleans

(Photo credit: Richard Budd.)