As You Like It

A site-specific production for Guildford Shakespeare Company, playing at the Guildford College of Law, to a large family audience. The production, set in 1913, cast Rosalind and Celia as suffragettes, and made use of a vast playing space for the Forest of Arden.

“Could this be GSC’s best production yet? They seem to surpass themselves at every show… Designer Neil Irish has taken “All the world’s a stage” to heart and spread the play over a vast area of the beautiful college grounds … every word could be heard clearly from all areas, even when fitting in a game of cricket or playing croquet. Tom Littler keeps the action rolling happily along with surprises at every turn.”
Sheila O’Connor, British Theatre Guide

★★★★ “The play wears its adaptation lightly, and allows for an interesting reading … And there’s a wonderfully wry sense of humour about the whole affair, as if the outdoors setting has captured some of the liberating magic of the Forest of Arden itself. Utilising a fair amount of creative licence works wonders in bringing laugh-out-loud moments aplenty – magic tricks, in-jokes, audience participation … all contribute to an affectionately raucous take on the pastoral comedy which is hugely effective. Rhiannon Sommers is a tremendous Rosalind …”
Ian Foster, The Public Reviews / Ought to be Clowns

★★★★ Guildford magazine

“Genuine rapport … a fun production”
Farnham Herald


Rhiannon Sommers, Richard Keightley, Matt Pinches, Fiona Sheehan, Sarah Gobran, Simon Nock, Angie Wallis, Adam Buchanan, Joseph Richardson, Richard Delaney

Creative Team

Designer – Neil Irish
Sound Designer – Matt Eaton
Music – Mary McAdam
Fight Director – Philip D’Orleans