Other Desert Cities

The German premiere of Jon Robin Baitz’s Pulitzer-nominated family drama, recently seen at the Old Vic and on Broadway.

This production played at English Theatre Frankfurt in spring 2015.

The gripping production by British director Tom Littler gets under your skin at the English Theatre Frankfurt. The suspense rises, and director Tom Littler makes sure that the tension is only released after an unexpected, dramatic turn-around. The evening at the theatre thrives on the excellent performance of these three actors. Claudia Schülke, Darmstädter Echo

Director Tom Littler, who already made a great impression at the English Theatre with Strangers on a Train, carefully builds the suspense carried by witty punch lines and surprising twists in the dialogues with the help of the excellent British actors. Winnie Geipert, Strandgut

The characters are heavily burdened but bursting with energy. The overall concept is challenging, but the author Baitz, the director Tom Littler and the actors manage to fill the characters with life. Littler has a keen sense of when the conversational tone should come to an end and when the shouting should begin (not too soon). Judith von Sternberg, Frankfurter Rundschau

Of course, Tom Littler’s extremely sensitive and exciting stage direction focuses on the brilliant Mary Doherty, who, as the author of the dreaded book, has the power “destroy” her family. The moving play, which premiered on Broadway in 2011, gives an impressive insight into the timeless conflict between the generations. And the audience responds with enthusiastic applause. Thomas Ungeheuer, Frankfurter Neue Presse

Tom Littler, who celebrated his debut as a director at the English Theatre with the successful psychological thriller “Strangers on a Train”, also convinces with his production of “Other Desert Cities”. From the very beginning, he builds the tension until it becomes almost unbearable and climaxes in a surprising plot twist. Nicole Brevoord, Journal Frankfurt


Ian Barrit, Diane Fletcher, Mary Doherty, Kate Harper, James McGregor

Creative Team

Set Designer – Bob Bailey

Lighting Designer – Richard G Jones

Costume Designer – Melanie Schoeberl

Sound Designer – David Gummper